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ABECC lessons are targeted for people who want to improve the English skills used in daily work. Each lesson contains Books, Quizzes and Assignments to help you to learn and practice your Business English skills. It also includes vocabulary to help you with some words. This course includes topics on Presentations, Emails, Business Meetings and Telephone/Conference Calls.

14 reviews for Advanced Business English Course & Coaching

  1. haisha.zhang (verified owner)

    Both group class and coaching(1:1) are very good, helping me on writing mails and giving me confidence to speak in public.

  2. T.Wang (verified owner)

    1-Helped a lot during the class, espercialy speaking and listening skills and the confidence we built during the class
    2-We have a lot of fun during the calss, the teach James is can always make the class a amazing place where we learn by playing
    3-It will be perfect if there is more series classes after the ABECC

  3. (verified owner)

    ABECC class delivered me much useful knowledge in our daily business, gave me many chances to practice, and brought me a lot of fun during coorporation and coordination with my team.
    It did me a great favour in enhancing my English speaking and improving my leadership ability and confidence.

  4. Silvia.Gao (verified owner)

    James is good at making classes lively. The classroom atmosphere is very causal and relaxed. We got to know the English in the business world and had a lot of fun in practicing various topics through games.

  5. YUNQIAN.YANG (verified owner)

    This is helpful to my daily work. James teaches us so much about business word, and I have learnt a lot. There is a big difference between normal email and business email which is the most important point during my learning. Thanks for James.

  6. tobey.fu (verified owner)

    This course is interesting and very useful for daily work. I have learned a lot in business from James. Project work is a good practice for us.

  7. 314066550 (verified owner)

    ABECC is very useful for my daily work. James is very good at teaching and he s humorous. He taught me some tips which could be used in jobs and he also taught me what is confidence. He was cute and lovely. The course was very interest. I learnt about English speaking.

  8. Yasmine Zhang (verified owner)

    I love this course!!! Thanks for teacher James, he is richly experienced in teaching. I was enjoyed in every class. Every topic is very helpful for my daily work. Actually this is my first time talking to a foreigner who have such a perfect accent, and besides, he has so much learning, and life experience to share with you. You will gain alot from this course. Thank you so much James.

  9. Jingyi Xuan (verified owner)

    Teacher James is a good teacher who is patient and kindly. The course is interesting and related to my daily work. I have improved my oral English skill during the course. Luckily, I have an opportunity to be manager of the final project. And I have improved my leadership through the project as well.

  10. Yuejiao Qin (verified owner)

    The course is very good for us to learn about business etiquette and related knowledge in English. And thanks to James’ kindness and patience, my English has been improved greatly. I am very glad to take part in the course.

  11. Kexin Guo (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot for teacher James! He is very kind and patient for students. The course is very interesting and I learned much more knowledge about business English, like meeting management, Email writing and other basic, but valuable skills, for English-language work. Also, we had 1-1 coaching. I do think it is helpful for my oral English.

  12. Jing Yu (verified owner)

    Teacher James is a good teacher who is patient, kindly and professional.
    I have learned so much things and strengthen my English ability through the course.The course is interesting and variable.
    And I have learned how to speak and write and listen through the course.
    It’s an useful course.

  13. Miranda (verified owner)

    This is a great course, and our teacher is lovely and professional, I learned a lot in this class that will be helpful in my job.

  14. Zhuqing Feng (verified owner)

    I really love this course,and James is such a professional and excellent teacher. I strongly recommend you to attend this class.

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